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Git - Cheat Sheet

Welcome to Git - Cheat Sheet! Here you'll find all the important Git commands, compact and clear. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, everything you need for the perfect overview is here. This way, you'll always have your repository under control!

Basic Commands

git initInitialize a local Git repository
git cloneCreate a local copy of a remote repository
git addAdd a file to the staging area
git commit -m "message"Commit the staged changes with a message
git pushPush the committed changes to the remote repository
git pullPull the latest changes from the remote repository
git statusCheck the status of the repository


git branchList all local branches
git branch <branch>Create a new branch
git checkout <branch>Switch to a different branch
git merge <branch>Merge a branch into the current branch
git branch -d <branch>Delete a branch
git pullZiehen der letzten Änderungen aus dem entfernten Repository
git statusStatus des Repositorys prüfen

Advanced Commands

git stashStash the changes in a dirty working directory
git logView the commit history
git diffView the changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc.
git reset <file>Unstage a file
git cherry-pick <commit>Apply the changes from a specific commit
git rebase <branch>Rebase the current branch onto another branch