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Backup your printer using a Network share


This script is WORK IN PROGRESS. BACKUP YOUR FILES MANUALLY!!!! I´m not responsible for any not functioning printers or lost files!

Corresponding GitHub Repository



Download the installation script
Run installation script


  • Follow the instructions given in the script
  • You can also include any other folder if you feel the need.
  • The Syntax is: sudo cp -r /YOUR/FOLDER/ "$MNTPATH"

Additional configuration options

  • The backup script has some additional configuration options. Open it with the following command.
sudo nano /home/$USER/

Want a Mainsail/Fluidd Backup Macro?

Requires G-Gcode Shell Command Extension (install with KIAUH).

  • Download the backup.cfg and include it in your printer.cfg

This tutorial and scirpt were created by T4KUUY4 the tutorial was included by me in the docs because the function is similar and some people would like to know the other option.