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Backup your printer using S3 Storage


This script is WORK IN PROGRESS. BACKUP YOUR FILES MANUALLY!!!! I´m not responsible for any not functioning printers or lost files!

Corresponding GitHub Repository


  • S3 Storage
  • Basic knowledge of rClone


Download installation script

Be aware that after executing the following command, the rClone Configuration will start automatically. Check Configuration for instructions.

Run installation script


Follow the instructions given in the script

rClone Setup for S3 Storage


I use S3 storage from Contabo based on Cleph for my tutorial, the configuration may differ for other providers.1

  • Press n for new remote storage
  • Specify a rClone Destination name, e.g. MyS3-Storage
  • Press 4 for Amazon S3 Compliant Storage Providers including AWS, Alibaba, Ceph, Digital Ocean, Dreamhost, IBM COS, Minio, SeaweedFS, and Tencent COS
  • Select the S3 storage solution e.g. 3 for Ceph Object Storage
  • Press 1 for Enter AWS credentials in the next step.
  • Specify your access_key, e.g. 82046e8110804a43bf29c1ae426a724d for access_key_id
  • Specify your secret_key, e.g. 82e69bd7a52076c527154297a76c2233 for secret_access_key
  • Press return to skip region
  • Specifiy the S3 URL, e.g. for endpoint
  • Press return to skip location_constraint
  • Press return to skip acl
  • Press return to skip server_side_encryption
  • Press return to skip sse_kms_key_id
  • Press n for Edit advanced config
  • Press y for Yes this is OK (default)
  • Optionally specify q to quit configuration mode

Additional configuration options

  • The backup script has some additional configuration options. Open it with the following command.
sudo nano /home/$USER/

Mentions, Credits and Sources

  • Thanks to @T4KUUY4 for the foundation of this script!

  1. Variation of the rCLone setup manual from Contabo - Link